Moving Forward

Two years ago today, someone broke into my house and destroyed most of my belongings, including the drafts of what would become The Tarot Restless. I was devastated, but I redoubled my efforts. As it always has been, revenge is my engine.

One year ago today, the Kickstarter campaign for The Tarot Restless finished with $14,722 of $1000 raised. I sold 231 first edition copies to 28 countries.

Since then, I've made enamel pins, fabric patches, and a second edition of The Tarot Restless. I have shops selling my work, ten in Chicago, and others in Saint Louis, Portland, Omaha, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Moving forward, I have a talent manager to take the next steps towards success, working with a cadre of other local artists to appear in art fairs, night markets, and bazaars. My new year's resolutions are to double my portfolio of pins and patches, to double my roster of stores, and to finish the third edition of The Tarot Restless.

Hearing people talk about my set opening for Kinane was intoxicating. I want more of that feeling, I want to become an institution, recognizable by my art and performances, so I can someday give aspiring artists like myself the same opportunities that I have so graciously been given. I want to teach people how to turn their grief into a triumph, to reverse the course of their pain and make it their greatest asset.

Here's to 2019. I'm coming for you.

More soon.


The Zodiac Retrograde - The Tarot Restless 2nd Edition - Tour Dates

Hello all,

I recently released The Zodiac Retrograde; twelve images that further explore the world of The Tarot Restless. Each image is more bizarre than the next, so I think they make a terrific expansion to Restless. I am considering including them as cards in the deck, should I ever print a third edition of The Tarot Restless.

The second edition of The Tarot Restless has been dispatched to me from the printer. I'll have more details when it arrives, but I can say that I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality I've seen. The new edition differs slightly from the first edition, with a new card back, slightly updated artwork, and new packaging which now contains the book inside the box, rather than shipping them as two separate pieces. These will be available in stores throughout Chicago, and as I expand, I hope for them to be made available in Portland, Omaha, Saint Louis, Santa Fe, and New Orleans, as well as New Zealand and Canada.

I've also set up a number of shows this summer. If you're in the area, come to a show!

The locations are being determined, but I'll have shows:

Saint Louis - July 13th - 14th

Chicago - July 16th - CAMP Comedy Show

Portland, OR - August 2nd - 5th.

Finally, I have 13 new patching being printed as well as 2 new pin designs coming soon. 

You can stay up to date on everything I'm doing on

That's all for now. 



Kickstarter Complete with $14,722 Raised!

The Kickstarter for The Tarot Restless ended earlier this morning.

A year ago today, someone broke into my house and ransacked my bedroom. They took a bottle of black ink and sprayed it all over my room, soaking my bed, my clothes, and a lot of my artwork, including the earliest cards from the tarot deck. At that time, I was still reeling from the end of a very destructive relationship, and this invasion felt like another humiliating defeat to my list.

As I salvaged what I could, paranoid speculation about the identity of the culprit swirled around me. I took this fear of reprisal and yearning for revenge and channeled it into the tarot deck, the same way I had with my heartbreak and grief. The tarot deck grew darker and stranger, and I began to write the short stories that accompany the deck. As the deck grew, it began to feel heavy and arcane, each new card drenched in my hopes and fears, rich with both suffering and relief.

Five months after the break-in, I moved to Chicago. I ran into some medical bills and had trouble finding a job, so I started to sell my art on the street. In a few weeks, I was able to pay for my rent and bills with cash from selling art. This also afforded me a great deal of time to develop the deck. Spending eight to ten hours a day planning and drawing, I completed illustration on The Tarot Restless in under a year.

My Kickstarter for The Tarot Restless had a goal of a $1000, and today the campaign concluded with $14,722 raised by 231 backers. I didn’t plan for the project to end on the anniversary of the home invasion, but serendipity occurs in unusual ways.

I don’t allow myself much pleasure, but I will admit that it feels good to be so warmly received. I am infinitely grateful for my friends and family who helped make this happen, and for everyone who bought a deck or poster, or donated to the campaign. I’ll have the decks, books, posters, shirts, and pins in your hands as soon as I can.

Thanks to my good friends Zara Luna and Kile McCurdy for helping promote the campaign and for educating me on the worlds of tarot and crowdfunding. Thanks to Jen Stastny, Patrick Clark, Caryl Dumaine, and Nancy Dumaine, who helped edit the book that accompanies the deck. And very special thanks to Caitlin Dituro for her steadfast support throughout the creation of the work.

I’m eager to see what everyone thinks of the final product, especially the book. I’ve been drafting a few projects that would expand the creative universe I’ve started here, but I’m also exploring other works. You’ll be seeing more from me soon.

Again, thank you all.

Winslow Dumaine


This is it. After a year of developing this deck and writing the guidebook, I'm opening the gates.

This is a link to the Kickstarter:

The Tarot Restless is an overhaul of the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck. While the suits of the Minor Arcana remain the same, many of the Major Arcana are new creations. The cards feature hand-drawn artwork depicting scenes from a dark fantasy story set in the midst of an infertility apocalypse. Accompanying the deck, Restless Meditations is a 100 page book of short stories that explore the lore and interpretations of each card.

Just over a year ago, I got out of an abusive relationship and found that my closest friends had betrayed me in a variety of heinous ways. I felt too hideous to exist, and that I was desperately searching for meaning in an inherently hostile world. To make the most out of my suffering, I created this deck as an expression of my grief and my search for significance.

Check out the link above for more information. If you have any questions, let me know.

Oh, and please, feel free to share this and tell your friends. This is the biggest and most involving thing I've ever created, and the success is dependent upon how many people know about it.

Thank you to everyone. Check out the kickstarter.

Site Overhaul

I've updated much of the site to make it run smoother on mobile devices. I've added a new background, a handful of new collages and the last of the tarot cards. All the works outside of the photography page have been edited so that the thumbnails reflect their true dimensions.

Soon, I will begin the Kickstarter for putting The Tarot Restless into full production. I've spoken with a number of influential people who are going to promote it all across the world. I am confident that the Kickstarter will be a success, but my eyes are always set on larger prizes. I hope to strike a deal with a potential distributor, either of other tarot decks, or of other similarly morbid works, so that my deck is made available across the country. 

The next few months should be interesting, just like the past few.

More soon. Just you wait.


I moved from my home town of Omaha to Chicago. It was a quick move, and I've almost put away all my things. The skulls and various medical oddities remain in their boxes, still awaiting an alter for their display.

Moving to Chicago is the most ambitious action I've taken in pursuit of artistic success. I have no idea if it was the right thing to do

I'm here to improve my craft, and to hopefully find success as a stand-up comedian. I'm here to pursue a dream with the vain hope that I am an artist worthy of success in a larger city. The next few years are going to really test my mettle.

For now, this city will do. I don't know where my ultimate destination is, but I can't stop moving until I'm there.

Degenerate Art

Today, I open my art exhibition DEGENERATE ART at the Harney Street Tavern, in Omaha Nebraska. It will be my last art show in Omaha before moving to Chicago. The opening will be accompanied by a stand-up comedy show featuring some of the best local performers. All profits from the show are going directly to the Women's Center for Advancement, to help them provide crucial services for women all across the city.

The title of the collection is derived from the term used by the Nazi regime in Germany to smear modern art as the product of subhuman minds. I chose this title to derisively mock the censorial intentions of the National Socialists, and to warn against the vitriolic and divisive rhetoric of the current American administration. With this in mind, this exhibition has the express purpose of gathering funds to donate to the Women’s Center for Advancement. Activism for marginalized groups, particularly for women’s shelters and women’s health initiatives, has been central to my work for years.

The goal of these works is to communicate sensations of alienation, suffering, and repulsion, as well as heartache, and lovesick yearning for a future that will never be. I do not intend these works to be moralistic; they are not concerned with the potential for recovery or reconciliation. They are expressly focused upon the present experience of grief and loss. Each work represents a painful experience in total standstill, isolated, and expressed to the viewer.

In short, the show is an examination of the child I will never have, with the woman I no longer know. It is a goodbye to Omaha, and to the people who have scorned me -- and a sincere thank you to those who have been faithful, loyal, and kind, as I don't intend on leaving them behind.

Come down to the Harney Street Gallery. I'd love to see you there.

More information can be found here:



Website Launch

Today, I launch This will be a home for all my various artistic endeavors, as well as a shop for selling shirts, CDs, and prints.

I've got so much going on in my life right now that it is hard to keep it all straight. I've never been so busy. It's almost like I'm running from something.

Every day, I work a little more on my largest and most complex art project ever: The Tarot Restless. I'm redesigning the entire classic tarot deck and writing a lightly delineated fantasy universe to fit. The cards are bizarre, grotesque, and, frequently, disturbingly sexual. As the story for the cards is revealed, the reasons for the themes will become clearer. I'm almost halfway done with the deck, and I'll be making a major announcement regarding the kickstarter fund soon.

In April, I'll be hosting an art exhibition called DEGENERATE ART. This show will be held at the Harney Street Tavern in Omaha, Nebraska, and all profits from the event will go to benefit the Women's Center for Advancement. Dates, times, and the lineup for the live music and comedy are forthcoming.

In May, I'll graduate college and move to Chicago to pursue comedy. It'll be a radical change, and I'm not sure how I'll handle it. This city, Omaha, has nothing left to offer me. Instead, it is the scene of heartbreak and betrayal. I will be glad to leave this place, and gladder still to find myself in Chicago.

For now, enjoy what I've made, if it suits you. Thanks for reading.