This is it. After a year of developing this deck and writing the guidebook, I'm opening the gates.

This is a link to the Kickstarter:

The Tarot Restless is an overhaul of the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck. While the suits of the Minor Arcana remain the same, many of the Major Arcana are new creations. The cards feature hand-drawn artwork depicting scenes from a dark fantasy story set in the midst of an infertility apocalypse. Accompanying the deck, Restless Meditations is a 100 page book of short stories that explore the lore and interpretations of each card.

Just over a year ago, I got out of an abusive relationship and found that my closest friends had betrayed me in a variety of heinous ways. I felt too hideous to exist, and that I was desperately searching for meaning in an inherently hostile world. To make the most out of my suffering, I created this deck as an expression of my grief and my search for significance.

Check out the link above for more information. If you have any questions, let me know.

Oh, and please, feel free to share this and tell your friends. This is the biggest and most involving thing I've ever created, and the success is dependent upon how many people know about it.

Thank you to everyone. Check out the kickstarter.