Degenerate Art

Today, I open my art exhibition DEGENERATE ART at the Harney Street Tavern, in Omaha Nebraska. It will be my last art show in Omaha before moving to Chicago. The opening will be accompanied by a stand-up comedy show featuring some of the best local performers. All profits from the show are going directly to the Women's Center for Advancement, to help them provide crucial services for women all across the city.

The title of the collection is derived from the term used by the Nazi regime in Germany to smear modern art as the product of subhuman minds. I chose this title to derisively mock the censorial intentions of the National Socialists, and to warn against the vitriolic and divisive rhetoric of the current American administration. With this in mind, this exhibition has the express purpose of gathering funds to donate to the Women’s Center for Advancement. Activism for marginalized groups, particularly for women’s shelters and women’s health initiatives, has been central to my work for years.

The goal of these works is to communicate sensations of alienation, suffering, and repulsion, as well as heartache, and lovesick yearning for a future that will never be. I do not intend these works to be moralistic; they are not concerned with the potential for recovery or reconciliation. They are expressly focused upon the present experience of grief and loss. Each work represents a painful experience in total standstill, isolated, and expressed to the viewer.

In short, the show is an examination of the child I will never have, with the woman I no longer know. It is a goodbye to Omaha, and to the people who have scorned me -- and a sincere thank you to those who have been faithful, loyal, and kind, as I don't intend on leaving them behind.

Come down to the Harney Street Gallery. I'd love to see you there.

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