Kickstarter Complete with $14,722 Raised!

The Kickstarter for The Tarot Restless ended earlier this morning.

A year ago today, someone broke into my house and ransacked my bedroom. They took a bottle of black ink and sprayed it all over my room, soaking my bed, my clothes, and a lot of my artwork, including the earliest cards from the tarot deck. At that time, I was still reeling from the end of a very destructive relationship, and this invasion felt like another humiliating defeat to my list.

As I salvaged what I could, paranoid speculation about the identity of the culprit swirled around me. I took this fear of reprisal and yearning for revenge and channeled it into the tarot deck, the same way I had with my heartbreak and grief. The tarot deck grew darker and stranger, and I began to write the short stories that accompany the deck. As the deck grew, it began to feel heavy and arcane, each new card drenched in my hopes and fears, rich with both suffering and relief.

Five months after the break-in, I moved to Chicago. I ran into some medical bills and had trouble finding a job, so I started to sell my art on the street. In a few weeks, I was able to pay for my rent and bills with cash from selling art. This also afforded me a great deal of time to develop the deck. Spending eight to ten hours a day planning and drawing, I completed illustration on The Tarot Restless in under a year.

My Kickstarter for The Tarot Restless had a goal of a $1000, and today the campaign concluded with $14,722 raised by 231 backers. I didn’t plan for the project to end on the anniversary of the home invasion, but serendipity occurs in unusual ways.

I don’t allow myself much pleasure, but I will admit that it feels good to be so warmly received. I am infinitely grateful for my friends and family who helped make this happen, and for everyone who bought a deck or poster, or donated to the campaign. I’ll have the decks, books, posters, shirts, and pins in your hands as soon as I can.

Thanks to my good friends Zara Luna and Kile McCurdy for helping promote the campaign and for educating me on the worlds of tarot and crowdfunding. Thanks to Jen Stastny, Patrick Clark, Caryl Dumaine, and Nancy Dumaine, who helped edit the book that accompanies the deck. And very special thanks to Caitlin Dituro for her steadfast support throughout the creation of the work.

I’m eager to see what everyone thinks of the final product, especially the book. I’ve been drafting a few projects that would expand the creative universe I’ve started here, but I’m also exploring other works. You’ll be seeing more from me soon.

Again, thank you all.

Winslow Dumaine