The Zodiac Retrograde - The Tarot Restless 2nd Edition - Tour Dates

Hello all,

I recently released The Zodiac Retrograde; twelve images that further explore the world of The Tarot Restless. Each image is more bizarre than the next, so I think they make a terrific expansion to Restless. I am considering including them as cards in the deck, should I ever print a third edition of The Tarot Restless.

The second edition of The Tarot Restless has been dispatched to me from the printer. I'll have more details when it arrives, but I can say that I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality I've seen. The new edition differs slightly from the first edition, with a new card back, slightly updated artwork, and new packaging which now contains the book inside the box, rather than shipping them as two separate pieces. These will be available in stores throughout Chicago, and as I expand, I hope for them to be made available in Portland, Omaha, Saint Louis, Santa Fe, and New Orleans, as well as New Zealand and Canada.

I've also set up a number of shows this summer. If you're in the area, come to a show!

The locations are being determined, but I'll have shows:

Saint Louis - July 13th - 14th

Chicago - July 16th - CAMP Comedy Show

Portland, OR - August 2nd - 5th.

Finally, I have 13 new patching being printed as well as 2 new pin designs coming soon. 

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That's all for now.