Moving Forward

Two years ago today, someone broke into my house and destroyed most of my belongings, including the drafts of what would become The Tarot Restless. I was devastated, but I redoubled my efforts. As it always has been, revenge is my engine.

One year ago today, the Kickstarter campaign for The Tarot Restless finished with $14,722 of $1000 raised. I sold 231 first edition copies to 28 countries.

Since then, I've made enamel pins, fabric patches, and a second edition of The Tarot Restless. I have shops selling my work, ten in Chicago, and others in Saint Louis, Portland, Omaha, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Moving forward, I have a talent manager to take the next steps towards success, working with a cadre of other local artists to appear in art fairs, night markets, and bazaars. My new year's resolutions are to double my portfolio of pins and patches, to double my roster of stores, and to finish the third edition of The Tarot Restless.

Hearing people talk about my set opening for Kinane was intoxicating. I want more of that feeling, I want to become an institution, recognizable by my art and performances, so I can someday give aspiring artists like myself the same opportunities that I have so graciously been given. I want to teach people how to turn their grief into a triumph, to reverse the course of their pain and make it their greatest asset.

Here's to 2019. I'm coming for you.

More soon.