My standup comedy is driven by depression, grief, and mental illness, as well as the bleak and bizarre experiences of an unusually isolated individual. My performance exemplifies emotional engagement in an attempt to fully communicate suffering and loss without sacrificing humor. Simultaneously deadpan and achingly emotional, my performances create thoughtful depictions of human absurdity and angst while remaining intimately relatable to the audience.

I’ve opened for talents like Derek Sheen, Kyle Kinane, Ian Douglas Terry, Zach Peterson, and Sean White, and I’ve appeared on Crom Comedy Festival. I hosted a monthly black mass themed comedy show called Joke and Dagger where comics are given strange phrases to sneak into their set, forcing them to create fresh and unique material.

In August, 2016, I released my first standup comedy album  Whimper and Bang. Previously released in three two-track EPs, Whimper and Bang contains over an hour of material recorded over three years of performing. 

“A hilarious suicide note… the closest thing that comedy can come to black metal,  and I mean that as a compliment.” – Kyle Kinane (Comedy Central) 

“Whimper and Bang is dark and raw. It’s the kind of comedy album Gaahl would release if Gorgoroth only listened to Hedberg albums while impaling goat heads before a show. You get what I mean.” – Ben Roy (Those Who Can’t)

“Winslow Dumaine is my favorite comedian to come out of Omaha in a while.” – Zach Peterson (Arguments and Grievances)

Listen to  Whimper and Bang  here.

Listen to Whimper and Bang here.