That Which Was Unjustly Discarded
Ysthene Speaks Pestilence from Her Lower Mouth
The False Bride Reveals Her Fetish Scapular
The Transmuting Lord Itinerant
Quest Thee the Rest of Me
Revelations in the Caverns of Orice
Fungal Communion
The Wheezing Wall
Slaking the Roots at the Tree of Revenge
The Sighted Seer
The Endwhorl
The Procession of the Pain-Prophet
The Autophidian Contrapasso
The Grave City of Culumnon
Krallesh, Who Is and Will Be
The Devil Pathetic in the Most Sunken Corner of Torment
The Doom that came to Dadalon
Blackwater Polestar
Conflagrant Regrowth
Rising from the Ash Heap
Ierodele the Concatenated in the Vortex of Unadorned Dead
Her Contrary Womb
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