The Tarot Restless is a unique tarot deck set within a morbid fantasy universe in the midst of an infertility apocalypse. The deck consists of 78 original, hand-drawn illustrations printed on silver-gilded cards, packaged in a rigid two-part box. The accompanying text, Restless Meditations, includes a short story, new interpretations, and new functions for each card.

Those who order the deck will also receive a physical copy of Restless Meditations as well as a copy of Restless Hesitations, the eBook of concept art, cut content, and further lore. 

The Kickstarter began with a goal of $1000 on December 10th, 2017 and completed on January 9th, 2018, with $14,722 raised.

I believe people should explore their suffering. Understanding the causes of pain is key to growth – if you suffer, and do not learn, you will have suffered for nothing. In creating this deck, I took my experiences with heartbreak, abuse, and betrayal, and retold them on a cosmological scale.

Many cards were inspired by the strong women in my life. Their struggles with abuse and violence helped me understand the abuse I suffered much better, and I cannot thank them enough.

Click the images to see their titles. 

Prints and full decks are available in the shop. The first run is in extremely limited availability right now, and a second printing is in the works.