The Tarot Restless is a unique tarot deck set within a morbid fantasy universe in the midst of a cosmic infertility apocalypse. The deck consists of 78 hand-drawn illustrations printed on silver-gilded cards, packaged in a rigid two-part box. The accompanying text, Restless Meditations, includes a short story, new interpretations, and new functions for each card.

The Kickstarter began with a goal of $1000 on December 10th, 2017 and completed on January 9th, 2018, with $14,722 raised.

I believe people should explore their suffering. Understanding the causes of pain is key to growth – if you suffer, and do not learn, you will have suffered for nothing. In creating this deck, I took my experiences with heartbreak, abuse, and betrayal, and retold them on a cosmological scale.

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These cards are set within a fantasy realm where the scattered remnants of the human race have arrived at an existential quandary. The demigods they had worshipped for generations, the beings they believed to be the ultimate powers of the universe, betrayed them with a curse of total infertility. This curse came with no grand declaration but as a gradual realization. What began with couples experiencing infertility as a personal tragedy broadened until the whole human race realized they had become sterile. Panic spreads as humankind becomes convinced they are fated to gutter away, childless and alone. In the ensuing upheaval, nations are quick to blame foreigners and foreign powers, and religious institutions blame unchaste women and sexual deviants. All the while, predation swells against those whose lives were already marked by persecution. War, famine, and disease spread across the lands and the population dwindled away.

In the chaos, people sought comfort. While unrest drove many apart, it drove many others closer together. With no families to create, the pursuits of love, companionship, and stability, remained as pillars of a meaningful life.

As the human race approached extinction, however, mysterious forces intervened. Devils and demons, beings antonymous to the demigods, appeared to offer perilous benefaction. The entities that had tormented mortals since time began now pardoned humanity from death. While no new human life may come into being, none of the present living may pass into death. Humanity views the gift of immortality as a final chance to reverse the sterility curse of their demigods.

Therefore, the last of the human race find themselves at an impasse; torn between continuing to worship a pantheon of traitors and turning to the favor of their mortal adversaries. As they agonize in their indecision, a sprawling catastrophe encloses them: a choking pall of ink-black smoke spreads across the globe in a ceaseless miasma, stupefying and reducing those within to shambling husks. The final generation of humanity degenerates into fanatical cults and war bands, convulsing with the desires to undo their twofold curses. Unable to die, unable to breed, it seems humanity is condemned to war against themselves until the end of time.

While this apocalypse is presided over by the quarrelsome demigods, an even larger conspiracy unfolds across the cosmos. There are powers far beyond the demigods who watch over the universe with silent indifference. Their work is the cycle of the creation and destruction of the universe and the preservation of souls from one iteration to another. The curtain of smoke, the traitorous demigods, capricious demons, and the curses, all are merely means to their mysterious ends.

The Zodiac Retrograde is set in the same universe as The Tarot Restless. Inspired by the astrological signs, I created twelve new supernatural beasts who hold dominion throughout the realms of life, death, and beyond.

While these are not included as cards in the second edition of The Tarot Restless, I hope to include them in the third edition. They are available as prints and fabric patches in the store.

The story established by The Tarot Restless is continued in a more abstract format with my ink paintings.