Hrelt, The Convulgent Maelstress of The Digestive Fen
The Devouring Vortex, Ceaseless And Internecine
The Wrongborn Ram of the Sunken Arroyo
The Gravebull, The Utter and Final Bastion of the Deep
The Annihilating Twins, Swallowers of the Sun
Chittering Clclch, The Great and Terrible Crab
Tadrach and Tuln, The Bifurcated Beast of the Stillgrass (Holy, Holy, Holy)
Ulwaah, Womb of Sin
Thrath, The Outermost Inquisitor of Falsity
Cavral, Wailing and Hissing, The Harrowing and Integrative Punishment of the Ego
Aldrukth, Struck Down from Heaven to the Formless Below
Galn, The Lowest of All Serpents
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