I'm an artist living in Chicago.

My work revolves around dread, suffering, and mental illness.

I want to make art about pain and use it to help people process trauma. I call it “DEFENSIVE WOUNDS.“

I sell my work online, in shops, and at festivals and markets across the world.

I frequently team up with other artists to help them design, manufacture, and sell their work.


I work with pen and ink, collage, ink painting, photography, and digital design.

I make pins, buttons, tapestries, prints, fabric patches, and more.

I’m A stand up comedian

My "black hole dark" stand up comedy explores isolation, alienation, and trauma.

I produced Joke and Dagger, a black mass themed comedy show, performed on comedy festivals like Crom Comedy Fest and Beast Village, and headlined shows across the country.

This is me opening for Kyle Kinane:


This is my largest work of illustration and writing.

The Tarot Restless a unique deck of tarot cards set in a cosmic infertility apocalypse.

The deck is a complete overhaul of the classic tarot deck. Each deck comes with a book of short stories, written for every card.

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